Ted Jackson Productions is an e-commerce site that specializes in digital mp3 downloads. Ted is a music producer and songwriter who lives in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He uses various DAW programs to produce his music. He does not have a  production studio but he uses computers and laptops to make all music. Some tracks are made using a music keyboard. He also uses various vocal samples in his tracks to give it more spice. All vocals used are commercially licensed/purchased by Ted to own the rights.
                                                                 Tabs on Teds website
JUKEBOX- This is a jukebox which plays over 100 tracks. You may select any track to play. 
Any track on the jukebox can also be purchased. Simply click the dollar amount next to the song and it will take you to a BUY track box where you an enter your email and payment info securely so we know where to send your track.
VAULT- The Vault lists all of Teds older tracks dating back from 2007-2017. From pop to rock to instrumental to rap. All songs in the vault cost $1 to download. Click the dollar amount next to the track to buy it.
SERVICES- This tab lists teds services including working with other artists if they would like to buy beats from me. Have a question? Just ask! You can email Ted or type a question in the 
Let's Chat! box in the right corner.
ALBUMS--has Teds latest albums for purchasing. And they can also be found on music sites like Apple music, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc
MUSIC SHOP-This tab takes you to Teds main online store. You can download various tracks here and also get a product description and pricing etc.The white SEARCH box lets you find any song . Just type in a title and hit enter. It will give you a description of the song.
                                                                        Buying songs
There are a couple of different ways to purchase a track on the website. You can buy any song through any of the 3 playlists on the site( the HOME playlist, the JUKEBOX playlist or the VAULT playlist. Just click on the dollar amount next to the track. See the examples to your left. In Picture A, see the buy arrow.   It points at a box next to the track (ex. $1.47 to purchase the track Pressure, In picture B click the dollar amount box with your mouse. It will highlight the box and turn white. After clicking the box it will take you to a page where you can enter your email address so you can complete the buying process and we can send you your purchased track by email.
 Are using credit and debit cards secure? Yes! Ted uses secure encryption when  you purchase tracks or albums to keep all your info safe. Ted has your back!

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